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Number of Days- 35-42

The program consists of two types of massages:

  • Massage using herbal powders
  • Massage using herb enriched oils

This program also includes:

  • Herb-enriched steam bath
  • Internal medicines
  • Herbal juices and herbal tea
  • Controlled Ayurvedic vegetarian diet

Benefits of Ayurvedic Slimming therapy:

  • Corrects the possible metabolic errors associated with obesity.
  • Retains the hormonal balance of the body system.
  • Removes excess fat from the body using herbal medicines and therapies.
  • Removes the excess accumulated liquids from the body.
  • Stimulates the circulatory system to avoid any further deposit of fat.
  • The therapy considers cosmetic ailments as part of general metabolic problem and hence corrects metabolic problems.
  • Provides real nourishment to the skin.

The doctor will design an appropriate diet according to your taste

Therapy will be under the supervision and monitoring of Qualified Ayurvedic Physician
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