Sports injuries are injuries that occur to athletes participating in sporting events. In many cases, these types of injuries are due to overuse of a part of the body when participating in a certain activity. Sports injuries require special care while treatments. Modern treatment methods might require that surgeries be carried out, which shall prevent the sports person from actively pursuing the sport or require use of drugs which can get the athletes banned.

Ayurveda based Kalari system has natural methods for treatment for sports injuries, which offer long term solutions, taking into account, the career of the sportsman. Kalari system has an inherent advantage in sports medicine and treatment of sports related injuries because it was primarily developed to treat injuries caused due to Kalarippayatt, which is a form of martial arts. In effect, the Kalari system can be said as a predecessor of modern age sports medicine.

We are specialized in

Knee Injuries And Recovery
(knee pain, ACL TEAR, quadriceps tendon inflammation, medial menisci injury, articular cartilage injuries, ligament injuries, patellar pain, repeated dislocations)
Shoulder Injuries
(rotator cuff injury, dislocations, inflammation of biceps, shoulder pain, clavicle fracture)
Back Injuries
(lower back pain, sciatica, lumbago .scoliosis, muscle strain, slip disc)
Hip & Thigh Injuries
(groin strain, hip bursitis, hamstring and quadriceps injuries)
Ankle & Foot Injuries
(plantar fasciitis, heal pain, metatarsal fractures, Achilles pain, broken ankle, sprained ankle)
Neck Injuries
(neck pain, neck stiffness, restricted movements)
Calf & Shin Injuries
(calf pain, muscular cramps)
Arm & Elbow Injuries
(tennis elbow, golfers elbow)
Thumb & Wrist Injuries
(carpel tunnel syndrome, wrist bursitis, metacarpal fractures)
Head injuries
Muscular rejuvenation
Logical and mind boosters