To reduce job related stress / strain. Package for professionals and businessmen

Number of Days-7
Includes combination of any two or three of the following therapies depending upon the body condition of the guest:

General body massage with herbal oils
Steam bath in herb enriched steam
Half body massage with herbal oils
Special head massage
Internal Ayurvedic Medicines
Yoga & Meditation

Therapy will be under the supervision and monitoring of Qualified Ayurvedic Physician

Benefits of Ayurvedic Relaxation
This is a special package for people suffering from job-related stress, strain and tension, i.e suitable for Senior Executives, professionals and businessmen.
It relieves Stress, Strain and Tension for a sustained period of time.
Also this package relieves chronic sleeplessness.
The ayruvedic procedure under this package ensures sound and undisturbed sleep without the aid of harmful sleeping pills.

Duration of therapy : Ayurvedic session 1 hr 30 min / day
Yoga session : 1 hour / day