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K.T.Abdulla Gurukkal is a pioneer with global reputation across middle-east in the field of Karalimarma treatment. Specialized wing of traumatic Orthopediac management of fractures and injury management of marmas or vital points of human body. Thus with limitless passion and the blessing of hailing from the most rare traditional families, mastering the art of healing through effective ayurvedic formulations. In the course of spending his life span dedicated in specializing in traumatic and systemic Ortho management through traditional skillful methods of herbal bandages as described by Acharya Suhruta(father of surgery) in his bandaging treatise. Apart from classical approach, the traditional, bandages are a perfect blend of skillful management of joint anomalies traumatic as well as systemic.

Thus mastering the skillful science of Marma treatment K.T.Abdulla Gurukkal has made high life Marma super specialty hospital as the south India’s largest traditional heritage and a Mecca for passionate learners and students of Ayurveda.



Beginning of her astonishing practical career in management started as a dream partner of Shri K.T.Abdulla Gurukkal. Ever since their marriage in 1983, she was part and wholesome presence in the tireless effort of molding the ambitious career of Shri Abdulla Gurukkal. The initial manifestation of the skillful career of Abdulla Gurukkal come to existence as high life marma medical center and with tireless hard work and assistance of P.K.Rahmath, it developed in a multi specialty hospital with full swing departments in the service of mankind. As the chief administrator of high life she took up responsibilities beyond the responsibilities of a life partner to produce an unparalleled success ,fortune and noble employment for other medical professionals too. As an able administrator P.K.Rahmath is the backbone of high life multi specialty hospital and the cause of successful career of K.T.Abdulla Gurukkal .

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His important oratory topics include management of lifestyle disease through Ayurveda.

  • Ayurveda and diabetes.
  • Concept of body building and prevention of sports injuries.
  • Prevention of uterine diseases through ayurvedic gynecology.
  • Prevention of skin diseases through ayurvedic blood purification.
  • Management of auto immunity by ayurvedic immune modulation.
  • Management of arthritis through Ayurveda.
  • Prevention of degenerative neurological disorders in Ayurveda
  • Prevention of kidney diseases through management of asthama and allergic disorders by life style modification and Ayurveda.


Completing his internship in Ayurveda College Kottakal, one of the most famous Ayurveda colleges in the world. He is also herbal medicine expert with B.Sc Botany from Farook College, one of the most prestigious institutions in the world. Dr. Sujit Kumar Madhavan enriched his career amongst the best teachers preaching authentic Ayurveda. He started his career as a branch physician of Vaidyaratnam and was the dynamic presence in the centenary medical programs of Vaidyaratnam. He conducted nearly 172 medical camps in rural and urban areas and became well known in the Malabar area (the treasure land of herbs). He was also a part of panel at the Keraliya Ayurveda Samajam and as a disciple of old experienced teachers gained precious knowledge which shaped his dynamic career in ayurveda. Dr. sujit Kumar Madhavan.T.P is orator par excellence and his art of speech is unique, his overwhelming knowledge in the fields of ayurvedic food and nutrition, human anatomy, physiology, pathology and genius of his treatment strategy has made him win over many diseases. His eagle’s eye view of the concepts of pathogenesis and treatment by dual multi disciplinary knowledge of modern medicine and Ayurveda are an asset for high life multi specialty hospital. One of his renowned creation is correlating basic principles of Ayurveda with modern physiology is an excellent symbiosis between alternative medicine and modern physiology. It has gained great admiration from scholars worldwide and is directive for physiological approach for ambitious researches. His ideas of creating examples from other branches of knowledge gains him appreciation for possessing astonishing associating wisdom in the area of sports medicine, he has devised a rejuvenating procedure for promising athletes, many has used this opportunity to heal their sports injuries and gained improvement in performances.

Thus with multi facet talent Dr. Sujit Kumar Madhavan and his team of experienced senior, junior doctors and our honorable mentor and inspiration Shri K.T.Abdulla from the backbone of our institution. The most peculiar feature of our treatment where senior expert panel of physicians headed by the director and chief physicians deals with complicated cases to find a solution of healing.

Shortly, if “prevention is better than cure” is a proverb, Dr. Sujit Kumar Madhavan has taken a herculean task to make it practical through his informative speeches and developing and integrative medical modality for the well being of society the ultimate goal of Ayurveda.



Our CEO hails from aristocratic family, residing near Calicut airport. Born with a passion for business and entrepreneurship, Rasheed Tanari started his career in the business sector of textiles, exporting the indigenous produce overseas bringing foreign money to his mother land. He considers his business partners with the principle of universal brotherhood and has build trust and relations beyond the walls of formalities. Later he took up the task of manufacturing section to give better employment to his fellow countrymen, as a part of venture he travelled across the international borders to fetch noble business.

During his business pursuit he walked on the Gandhian principles of providing self employment to boost the miracle of his fellow countrymen. In the pursuit of business life Rasheed Tanari travelled across China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Dubai to boost the export of indigenous produce.

Another area he explored was the tourism sector to bring positive business, based on breach line hospitality principles. He was the MD of Herbic resort and restaurant private limited. His social commitment is overwhelming. Though busy he never forgets to make contribution in the life of destitute. His social work and charity distributing sewing machines to the poorest of the poor gained reputation as the revolutionary entrepreneur. His extraordinary social and emotional intelligence, coupled with intricate problem managing skills was a great boon to the jumbled businessmen. His small scale entrepreneurship promotion skills paved the way to a vibrant sector of textiles ,sportswear and foot wear business.

Disciplined and skilled through time tested experience, now Rasheed Tanari has taken the captaincy of victorious expedition of high life multi specialty hospital. He is a promise and a great expectation of the high life family marching to the bliss of real tic and holistic success.


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Educated from the famous Ayurveda College Kotakkal, Dr. Ramachandran started his career as a tutor at the prestigious Vidyaratnam Ayurveda College Thaikkatussery, Ollur, Trishur, kerala. Later he worked as a lecturer at Coimbatore Ayurveda College, Mangarai, Tamilnadu. He worked on comprehensive rural health project under AVR educational foundation of Ayurveda Coimbatore. Later as a senior he joined the ISM department, worked as a senior medical officer and chief medical officer in different government Ayurveda hospitals for over 23 years. He has conducted several projects in the health sectors; currently he is serving his precious experience and service at high life Ayurveda hospital as the head of the department of Gastro-hepatology. His 39 years of experience as an academician and clinical practitioner is a blessing for the medical service in high life multi specialty hospital and its panel treatment.


Educated from (ALNRMAMC) Aroor Lakshmi Narayana Ayurvedic Memorial Medical College(koppa), is a young energetic doctor with hard work and dedication. She is well versed in Ayurveda shastra. She has been a steering member in the research work on medicine at the largest campus with medicinal garden. She was a vibrant presence at Global Ayurveda Meet at Bangalore. She has presented several papers on anatomy and marma anatomy of Ayurveda. She had been a part of several medical camps based on applied single drugs used in diseases. As a young doctor she deputy to the surgery and EENT super specialties and is an active member in the paramedical education committee at the high life multi specialty hospital.

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Educated from (ALNRMAMC) Aroor Lakshmi Narayana Ayurvedic Memorial Medical College. Dr. Renu Arun started her career as Medical officer at Sakalya Ayurvedic Hospital. Later she worked as a paramedical lecturer. Her seminar preparations were a boon to the aspiring students of Ayurveda. Now she is a full time medical officer at high life multi specialty hospital. She is expert in bandaging techniques used in ortho management and is having 7 year experience in pediatric management. She is also a part of successful mother baby clinic at our hospital. She has been part of several immunity enhancing medical camps conducted by high life hospital and is a promising future for hig life as an ayurvedic pediatrician.


Dr. Sharanya educated from (PAMC) Pashini Kadavu Ayurveda Medical, famous for toxicology treatment methodologies. During her education she had done extensive medical camping work in fever management through ayurvedic protocol. This research work under the famous professor Dileep Kumar (Medical Director and Advisor HRD Ministry Delhi) was a breakthrough in successful fever treatment in Ayurveda. She has also extensive study in drug management in diabetes and its complications. Another area of extensive work is in the field of EENT of Ayurveda. She has specialized experience in working as deputy physician in ayurvedic eye hospitals.

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Educated from Ayurveda College Trivandrum, prestigious institution which molded renowned physicians well versed in Kerala Ayurveda. He started his medical career as a successful practitioner in Nilambur and there on moving to National Herbal Pharma. He nurtured the pharmacological excellence. In the peak of his career he joined Shanti Ayurveda Siddha Hospital as a senior physician and after rendering long service retired as deputy medical superintendent.


Dr. Swaroopa Rani educated from the prestigious Ayurveda college Kottakal, one of the most famous institutions uplifting authentic ayurvedic principles. Started her career as a successful ayurvedic practitioner, she performed remarkable clinical work in the field of Ayurvedic gynecology. In government sector she served as medical officer at Ayurveda hospital Vellimukku. In private sector she worked as chief medical officer at the ayurvedic wings of ICRA hospital Malaparamb and Shantigiri Ayurveda and Siddha hospital, Calicut branch. As part of her overseas service she worked as chief physician at AL-ANDHAAR Ayurveda clinic Salala. With her 30 years of precious experience, she is the promising future for high life multi specialty hospital, as the head of the department of gynaecology.

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Graduating in Bachelor of physiotherapy from the prestigious university of Calicut. Physiotherapist Shahab started his vibrant career at the famous Koyas Hospital. Gaining reputation from patients, fetched him an international career in kingdom of Saudi Arabia at AL MANA hospital as a senior physiotherapist rendering international service for long 8 years. Physiotherapist Shahab is ambitious and promising future for the high life multi specialty hospital. He is an expert in Neuro physiotherapy, ortho physiotherapy, Pediatric physiotherapy. He is also joining hands with our panel system of integrative medicine and is a part of our specialist team of sports medicine research.


The Kindly Light Leading Our Eye Clinic

Completing her professional education in ayurveda from prestigious PAMC, she started her career in SREEDHAREEYAM Eye Hospital and became an expert in all kinds of eye treatments described in Ayurvedic treatise. She has gained immense knowledge from one of the most renowned Professionals in Ayurvedic Eye Care. Now, from 2020 onwards with nearly 8 years experience as an eye Specialist in ayurveda, she has joined the HILIFE Ayurvedic Multispeciality Hospital to extend outstanding service to mankind. Her dedication and hardwork is a big treasure for the ophthalmology department of our hospital.



After successful completion of her professional education in Ayurveda, Dr. Anju explored the world of Ayurvedic cosmetology. She started her career as Purnaya Arogya Niketan. She specializes in Ayurvedic cosmetology and has learned the very essential of this innovative subject from renowned scholars in the field. She has conducted different beauty and health classes for beauticians as a part of awareness program of Ayurvedic beauty care and cosmetology. She has joined HILIFE Ayurvedic Multispeciality Hospital, as Head of the Department of Cosmetology and Spa centre to add glamour to an ever caring mission and vision of Ayurveda.

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