Training and Internship program Ayurveda Therapist Course
Once you join as an intern, you will have the opportunity to learn about the principles of Ayurveda and have on-hands training in relevant disciplines/treatment modalities. You can also meet with other interns on a regular basis, share experiences, receive updates and provide feedback concerning your experience, to each other and HR-Training.

After the successful completion of your internship, you will be rewarded with a training certificate, Highlife Gift, and a job offer in Highlife.

Training program : Ayurveda awareness and life style program
A comprehensive program aimed at educating & preparing yourself to practice Ayurvedic lifestyle, enriching you with all the basic concepts of the science, including a “tour de Kerala” trip to give you a first- hand experience of Ayurveda in “gods own country”-Kerala, India.

Also include topics on:
Introduction to Ayurveda,
Basic fundamentals of Ayurveda- the five elements
The doshic theory
Daily routine and body constitution.
Concept of food & nutrition in ayurveda, factors of nutrition.
Introduction to treatment modalities in ayurveda.
Practicals in selected treatment modalities.

If you are interested in completing a training and/or internship at HIGHLIFE Ayurvedic hospital, please send an email to