Ayurvedic system of medicine is trusted for over 5000 years as a safe and effective method to attain total rejuvenation and relief from chronic aches and pains. Ayurvedic therapies focus on bringing a balance among Body, Mind, Soul and Sense organs, eliminating toxins from the body and mind. Ayurvedic therapies offer lasting relief from chronic aches and pains like backache, joint pains, stiff neck, migraine, rheumatic pains, insomnia, anxiety, stress, digestive disorders, obesity and neurological disorders.

  Name of procedure Actual process Benefits Indications
(General Body Massage)
Luke warm herbal oil is applied on the body and gently massaged.
Tones up muscles, improves blood circulation, relieves stiffness and rejuvenates the body and mind.
General fatigue, arthritis, neurological disorders, aches and pains.
(Medicated Steam Bath)
Steam bath in a chamber
filled with herb enriched
Opens up skin pores, flushes out
accumulated dirt and dust.
Reduces subcutaneous fat.
Joint pain, back pain,
neurological disorders,
(Brain massage)
Medicated oil or medicated liquids are dripped on the forehead.
Regulates functions of central
nervous system and cleanses the
sense organs.
Stress, depression,
sleeplessness, igraine,
skin diseases and neurological disorders.
(Medicated oil bath)
Luke warm herbal oils are applied all over the body by dripping and gentle massage
Offers sustained relief from the rheumatism, arthritis, body pain and Neurological disorders.
General weakness, arthritis, parkinsonism,MS, paralysis andInflammatory conditions of muscles,
joints and nerves.
(Applying special warm herbal rice poultice on the body)
Sweating the body by applying poultice made out of special herbs and rice.
Rectify peripheral nervous system, promotes circulation and relieves aches and pains.
Body weakness,
neurological disorders, arthritis and maciation.
(Sweating by applying leaves and herbal steam)
Body is made to perspire profusely by applying poultice made out of herbs and leaves.
The procedure cleanses skin pores, soothes circulation and relieves pain and stiffness in muscles and joints.
Osteoarthritis, back pain, rheumatism and
inflammations of joints and muscles.
(Body massage with
speical herbal powders)
Gentle body massage
with herbal powders.
Burns fat in the body and
accelerates lymphatic drainage.
Obesity, Cholesterol and cellulites.
(Nasal application of
herbal oils and juices)
Herbal juices and oils are administered as nasal drops
Cleanses central nervous system and sense organs.
Effective for migraines, headaches and nerve pains.
(Therapy by retaining
medicated oil on the
A cap made of palm
shearing is placed on the head. Lukewarm medicated oils are poured into the cap and retained for some time.
Rectify Central nervous system.
Effective for severe
headaches and some
paralytic condition.
(Medicated colonic
Herbal liquids and oils
Are administered through anus.
Pacify vata.
Chronic disorders of
digestive tract, nerves,
bones, muscles etc.
Therapy by retaining
medicated oil on eyes.
A boundary is made
around eyes and oil is
Cleanse the eyes and relieves
strain from the eyes.
Effective in strain in the
eyes and many eye